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        Bank Provides Singapore E-Learning Platform For FREE Even For Non-Account Holders
        ILLUSTRATOR courtesy of Security Bank
        • Security Bank has partnered with 88Tuition, a Singapore-based online enrichment program, to provide Filipino families free and unlimited access to its e-learning platform — and you do not have to be an account holder of the bank.

          88Tuition provides personalized home-based education made easy through its well-planned learning modules ranging from Science, Math, English to Chinese language education. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 10 can instantly stream quality videos created by some of the best teachers in Singapore with the 88Tuition platform.

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          The 88Tuition platform simulates a regular class routine and provides homework through an easy dashboard that parents can access and use to monitor their kids’ progress. It will help them continue and enrich their learning during this period of interruption in their regular classes.

          Security Bank’s BetterBanking? promise has always guided its approach to serving the interests of its customers. But beyond banking transactions, it is also the bank’s guarantee to put peoples’ needs first, no matter what. That is why the Security Bank opened this partnership to everyone. Yes, even non-Security Bank customers can avail of a free 3-month trial of the site’s e-learning content. You can sign up until?June 30, 2020 for unlimited access.

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          A known advocate of education technology, Edukasyon.ph CEO and founder, Asia 21 Young Leader and 2020 WEF Global Young Leader, Henry Motte-Munoz expressed his approval of the partnership. “While we understand the real concern that not all families have internet access, this is nevertheless a welcome opportunity for many parents out there to give their children quality education despite the current situation and to discover the value of online tools.

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          “We applaud Security Bank for opening up possibilities to parents and their children to bond over education and learning within the walls of their homes.”

          Visit https://www.88tuition.com/securitybank to sign up for this free e-learning program from 88Tuition. You can also learn more about Security Bank’s innovative business products and services at securitybank.com or fb.com/securitybank.

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